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Welcome to SAF "Sexy As Fuk"

From an early age I was blessed with curves.  I think at age 5 in ballet class I had some juicy thighs.  I continued to perform and dance even having to wear 2 bras so my boobs wouldn't bounce.  Then began the journey of being a female athlete; I played soccer, softball, then in high school switched over to field hockey, loving every minute of being an athlete and always the big girl in gym class, the bigger girl on the field, maybe being called "thunder thighs", boobies etc.  But I remember embracing what I was dealt and loving my boobs and butt.  Every so often I'd get in a funk or pissed off I could just throw on a tank top without a bra like my girlfriends because there would be some good side boob action.  I was always a tomboy, maybe that was where I felt most comfortable and could still get the boy attention I needed as a girl.  I then started snowboarding and wake boarding, I remember landing in the woods in 4ft of powder and couldn't get myself up and was so pissed calling myself "fat ass". then wake boarding my boobs were always too big to lock down in a life jacket.  despite all the ups and downs of weight loss and thinking in my mind I had to be a size 4 for anyone to accept me, I'd go hardcore and lose 40lbs. get the weight off and maybe feel a little more confident but didn't notice that much of a change.  It became a vicious cycle most of my life.  


I could go on and on about my story and motivation to help support the body positive movement.  I know now finally at 43 and weighing more than I ever have in my entire life that I am who I am, I love and except who I am, because I am a strong woman who has sacrificed so much in my life to move clear across the country at 18 to follow my dreams, and now 8 years later in LA I have accomplished more than I could ever dream of.  I have found my peace and my strength again and I am here to inspire and fight for all of us to find that peace within and really love who you are, really love life.  I've lost too many I'd do anything to have back.  I will fight till the end alongside anyone who wants to join in to say " I too am SEXY AS FUK

MichellE Q. 


Each hat design is $25 with $10 shipping & handling.


A percentage of the Proceed from the sale of each hat goes to our body positive support group.  

Only ship to USA.


Please direct message us to ship outside the US

SAF REd.White.
SAF Camouflage Sexy
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